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Xu Ziying surprised a moment, which is determined after the sound from the mouth of his sister, joyful hearts, when even ran out, soon will end over a bowl of water, Xu took the basil, but this was her first bite and spit it out.", At that moment, a dull voice came over, her daughter cried several movements meal, both towards utterance place to look, the look, almost surprised that I do not know when to sit the body basil and with eyes half whole family, it seems that more intake vent less, Yu agreed that this is a supernatural power, for a time, the tears and the wanton flowing. But also in the Medical Code, Compendium of Materia Medica, Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing has documented, ginseng heat up, mulberry leaf clean up, eat into the man child of three high, both high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol have great benefits, and but also diabetes, Chinese medicine called diabetes diabetes. This is the first time such a basil Xu carefully looked at his younger brother, tall, thin, dark, cold days of big, bare feet, legs rolled up, on that patched pants still stained not small semi-dry mud. "Oh, have you not afraid of the whole family that a few old witch. Pooh .

"Silly boy, you are not a unmarried daughter at home how can it just go to town, to the village people would say that the old saw Alex tutoring is not good, this is the lantern on the fifteenth of each month will be that day, you can go with. She knew that Xu basil if you die, there is absolutely no funeral or something, so that is probably not find Mahone mat rolled to throw, but this thing is not time-consuming, but she did not want stained unlucky, a home Mahone enough, but also to a basil Xu, she can not see the two men looked at on its hands. That left the rest of gruel Can we eat. After all, she is not a lot of things take four people, if the TV drama with gruel, might really be able to fill his meal, because she must be revitalized, otherwise the next day there is to suffer. . Cheap NFL Jerseys,Cheap NFL Jerseys china,Cheap NFL Jerseys free shipping,Cheap NFL Jerseys china free shipping

" This is the first-born Liu and Xu Xu basil what kind of person naturally clear, but never thought to eat this food basket, is opening said softly. Now she even be sure, this man had lost his mind. Xu basil walked us trying various measures, finally shake their heads, or the like all selfish father back then you'll decide it. Thought of this, inevitably some frustrated, again, according to his own Mother Yu temper, is a son of the children will be turned over, say, that Liu so powerful, if not points out, that sooner or later she will be harsh dead. Xu Qiang is their fourth uncle, a home is the best, what will give them to stay a little, but a block of dark brown birthmark on his face because they recruit people dislike, which have not yet married-eight, ten and this village Bali Poe's people know, people do not want to be the girl, the couple is also the first-born Xu mind, all the heavy work at home working so hard all share in his one person." Liu Xu basil a harsh glare, are still pushed into things yesterday vengeful, but hand on the arm basil Xu Ning Leyi, is twisted away from the deformation of the waist, and pretty soon, they fetched a pot.