So many things so little time…….

Heres long awaited & highly anticipated (Not by any of you but my girl was really happy I finally put this tape out w/ Rob Riggs) “Dude where’s my car” Mixtape. Alot of blood, sweat and tears went itno this project. Well more sweat and near death experiences being that this Dude hasnt had a car since 2006 and most of the things related to this project such as studio sessions and such were reached via my trust worthy bike. Without getting into to much detail about why I chose this name I’ll leave it at this. I dont have a car and not having one sucks balls…..Especially in south Florida. So like life, this tape has its highs and its lows and is all over the place like I have been for the past couple of years. So if you would like to download the tape you can click the link for an instant no wait download!!
If you would like to sample the goods in the event you dont trust me 🙁 …..Then kindly go over to my super wealthy DJ pal’s Page to Stream it —–>
Last but not least and this is the part I highly recomend, you can purchase a limited edition hard copy of it via payapl and bandcamp shipped right to your door!
In other news a feature track I did with Nick Thayer’s Album “Like Boom” on Skrillex’s OWSLA imrpint now has a fully dope animated video to it. Be expecting an email with that real soon. All I can say is SWAG SWAG and bath salts cuz that shit is fresh. The song is called “Top of The World”
After years of slacking we finally got the GTPS website up…..

so make sure to visit that on a regular SHUN!!! Last but not least I shot this super dope music video for the homie Adela Check it here
I will keep it short this time!! Till we meet again!

Make Sure to get your social Network On and Check out Rob Riggs!/djrobriggs


[info from GTPS Newsletter]

I will be purchasing a copy tonight. Support the Home Team!

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